siasphere – Hemisphere for permanently consistent sanding results

The surface of structured abrasives has a microscopically small hemisphere consisting of many grit layers lying on top of each other. As a result of this unique surface structure, new sharp grit is released with each wear to deliver a permanently consistent result.

Conventional abrasives

  • Individual grains
  • Electrostatic / mechanical coating
  • Grit wear with each use

Agglomerated abrasives

  • Multiple individual grains connected with a bonding bridge
  • Coating of multiple grit layers
  • No structured shape
  • Mutual self-sharpening
  • Increased lifetime

Structured abrasives

  • Many grains glued to form a hemisphere
  • Defined spherical structure
  • Defined contact point with the workpiece
  • New grit with each wear
  • Consistent surface quality over the entire lifetime of the product

Consistent surface quality


Before 1st use

Light wear

After 1st use

Medium wear

After many uses

Heavy wear

Before end of lifetime

Performance comparison

  • yellow: siasphere (high contact pressure)
  • red: siasphere (low contact pressure)
  • green: Conventional abrasives (high contact pressure)
  • blue: Conventional abrasives (low contact pressure)