TopTec – technology for perfect surfaces

The new generation of coating technology uses an open coating system and provides improved positioning of the abrasive grits and optimised stearate composition (zinc-free). Advantage: works over 20% faster with minimal clogging and the longest lifetime.

Conventional: Closed coating

The conventional electrostatic grit coating method is closed coating.

New: open coating

Open coating from sia Abrasives has optimised grit positioning to provide an improved removal rate with minimal clogging.

  • Minimal clogging due to open coating technology and optimised stearate composition (zinc-free)
  • Maximum removal rate
  • Longest lifetime
  • Lower abrasive consumption
  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower costs

Performance comparison


  • 1950 siaspeed, P240, 150 mm diameter, 15-hole


  • Random orbit sanding: 5 mm stroke, soft backing pad. Surface: filler, Unipol polyester filler
  • Robotised machine under laboratory conditions

Overlapped joint without grit sanding

Overlapped joint with grit sanding

Butted joint with special film on the grit side

Butted joint with special film on the back